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Acuity Coaching

Executive coaching supplier, Acuity Coaching, has announced a major new deal with Carphone Warehouse, Europe’s leading independent retailer of mobile phones and services.

Covering operations in the UK and throughout Europe, the arrangement requires Acuity Coaching to work with Carphone Warehouse to streamline their coaching process and improve its coaching quality and return on investment, by assessing and managing current coaches and appointing new executive coaches to fill any gaps.

The arrangement with Carphone Warehouse, currently ranked 89 in the FTSE 100, is the latest in a string of high profile business wins for Acuity Coaching. The firm has received 100% take-up from all the organisations it has approached in its first year of trading – including several Investment Banks that have asked the firm to build faculties of coaches in the UK, Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

Says Denise Cording, Head of Talent Management at Carphone Warehouse: “We are introducing a fresh approach to talent management to support and develop our high potential employees. Acuity Coaching has been excellent at recommending high calibre coaches for these individuals from their extended network of coaches.

Concludes Denise Cording: “Acuity Coaching’s recommendations and management processes will be vital, as I need to be confident that our coaching faculty will support our future leaders and drive our business performance.”

Acuity Coaching is capitalising on the fact that the £1bn executive coaching industry currently has no major player – despite being several times bigger than other HR Services markets. Its unique service aims to help control the cost and quality of coaching by giving organisations access to best practice across the coaching lifecycle, thereby giving businesses a traceable return on their investment on a global basis.

Acuity Coaching uses executive search style techniques to recruit coaches for each organisation based on their requirements and intends to plug the gap in the expanding market for a specialist to source and manage global coaching panels.

Spearheaded by Simon Coops, a former founder of Penna, a market leading human capital service company, which serviced high-profile clients including BT, Coops has been an active player in the HR Services market since the 1980’s.

Says Simon Coops: “Many large multi-nationals are wasting money on expensive, poor quality coaching. By introducing careful selection and a central tracking process, we are able to select the best fit coaching panels for each organisation and offer a tangible means of monitoring return on investment. We are looking forward to helping Carphone Warehouse to maximise the benefits of executive coaching.”

Acuity Coaching has a network of over 1500 executive coaches worldwide and specialises in sourcing and selecting global coaching panels. This constantly expanding network supports the delivery of business coaching solutions to provide the best fit for clients meeting varied geographical, corporate background and level requirements. For further information, visit

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